First Hannah Metzler Hope & Kindness Awards Given


On March 27, 2015, the anniversary of Hannah’s death, the first ever Hannah Metzler Hope & Kindness Awards were given in front of over 1600 students and guests at Fairport High School. Saige Horvath and Bryce Czekanski were chosen from a celebrated group of 35 seniors nominated by the faculty and staff of Fairport High School.

Although her young life was cut short, Hannah Metzler exhibited hope in, and kindness toward, others. It is in this spirit that two Fairport High School seniors are recognized each year for exhibiting these traits.

Along with this award comes a monetary grant of $500 with no strings attached, no obligation of how to spend it. However, it is assumed that students will hold true to the spirit of the award and use the money to foster more hope and kindness in a manner of their choosing. They are encouraged to be as creative as they wish in putting the money to good use. Award money may be spent in any fashion, and the scope of possibilities is endless. Enclosed is a brief, but by no means limited, list of potential avenues. Award recipients should feel free to spend the money in one of these ways or any idea they may have that follows the spirit of infusing the world with more hope and kindness.

  • Make a simple donation to an existing fund at FHS (e.g. FHS TOPPS Fund)
  • Brighten the day of deserving FHS community members with a simple treat (e.g. buy donuts for the faculty, buy pizza for students, rent a juggler for cafeteria entertainment)*
  • Look to spread goodness beyond Fairport High School to the wider Fairport or Greater Rochester community, like Golisano Children’s Hospital, or even more broadly at the state or national level.
  • Find a use that will have worldwide reach (e.g. donating to a charitable organization like,, Make-a-Wish Foundation, or any number of worthy causes.) Or, establish a new organization for good.
  • Collaborate with other recipients to pool funds in order to have a greater impact. Begin a campaign to solicit matching funds to help seed and grow the resources for even greater good.
  • Any other idea that follows the spirit of infusing the world with more hope and kindness

* Endeavors involving Fairport High School must meet with approval of the FHS Administration.

Even though students didn’t even know they were “in the running” for this award, they have certainly earned it along with the respect and admiration of the entire Fairport High School community.

Here are all the Class of 2015 nominees:

Kathryn Skolnick

Saige Horvath

Troy McMillan

Diana Paige

Morgan Burch

Nicole Marra

Emily Schepisi

Daniel Traver

Gianna Van Heel

Ashley Taylor

Erica Reinhardt

Monica Steelman

Taylor Moore

Nicholas Damiani

Jeffrey Cypher

Thomas Farrell

Natalie Jackson

Lindsay Kenrick

Tyler Harvey

Mitchel Dickerson

Patricia McCasland

Shannon Mulhern

Shannon Johansen

Jessica Schwarz

Bryce Czekanski

Noel Hotelling-DeFrance

Jordan Jacobs

Nicole Belcher

Nathan Maldonado

Michael (Makaela) Kerxhalli

Jake (William) Sehnert

Dana Giambattista

Lana Sykes

Alexandra Foley

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